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Tactuo/epiduo For Hyperpigmentation, Redness And Sun Damage

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Hi, I am struggling with hyperpigmentation, some brown spots probably from acne and sun damage and redness.

I want some topical treatments only - no laser peels etc.

Right now I am using Tactuo Gel (adapalene (or differin) + 2.5 BP) 3 times a week at night all over face

about 3 times a week I use St. Ives Salicylic acid scrub

And I use a high spf everyday

I have oily/combo skin. My dry skin can really gather up sometimes and sloughs off in the shower under hot water when I rub my face a couple times a week with the scrub. I know that was gross, but it's honestly the only way the dry skin buildup comes off.

I never used Accutane- I was just short of using it- but have used everything else, antibiotics, birth control, topical treatments, retinoids, AHA/BHAs, "systems" i.e. Proactive.

Tactuo seems to be working well- my skin barely breaks out anymore and is quite smooth surfaced. It's the brown and red marks that are left that I hate. That and I have huge pores..

Can you look at my pics and suggest something?

Thank you so much.

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