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Cyst Has Finally Come To A Head, What Now?

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A cyst I have have on my face has finally begun to swell up and form a head after a month of just laying there.

how do I deal with the cyst which now has a head and could be popped?

Do I pop it with a needle and gently squeeze, and risk pushing some of the gunk further down therefore prolonging the problem? or just leave it and don't pop it at all but risk the gunk not being able to get out of my skin, and just laying about for some time and and the cyst forming again later down the line?

Any help from anyone would be much appreciated as I really don't want to mess up and end up prolonging this cyst.

Thanks everyone

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Take a hot shower. I find that usually makes cysts burst of their own accord if they've already come to a head and that way you avoid aggravating it with a needle or fingers.

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