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Help! New Indent Scar Forming After Acne Is Gone And Healing.

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Recently, my skins often leaves indented scars after the acnes are gone. It happens either when I pop the acne out or the acnes go away by themselves (I use BP).

I have been applying vitamin E from capsules on the scar at night since the Acne went away. I just noticed today that it is forming an indented scar. What should I do? I have Retin-A lying around but I have never used it on my face before. Will it help preventing the scar?

I have too many indented scars already and this is very depressing to me. Please help.


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Start taking MSM powder once a day together with lunch. Just blend a teaspoon of MSM into water or fresh juice (it has a bit bitter taste, so it's best to blend it with juice). MSM accelerates healing and improves collagen production, I'm taking it for a month now, and I can feel my skin has become smoother, some small scars have disappeared. My skin has become very scare-prone and it's depressing me too. I feel like I'm starting to loose my natural skin youthfulness and ability to recover. Totally understand how you feel! Try MSM, it basically has no side-effects (except looser stools, which for me was a benefit, actually) :)

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Occasional acne + rolling scars


- Yasmin birth control
- Spironolactone 37,5mg going 25mg
- Inositol powder 2 times/day before meal


- Hemp oil

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do you know what ive heard, and i believe this, basically if you try to keep the wound moist before it has had a chance to naturally crust up and scab, you effectively interrupt the healing process and you are more likely to scar..

i have witnessed this first hand, i used petroleum jelly (vaseline) to heal a picked spot, and it left a small depressed pock like mark that never healed, in comparison to where i left it and treated later..

food for thought.

a picture speaks a thousand words though. but i'd say up vit c intake. hope it heals, i know how you feel..

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PM me if you'd like to chat. ACNE is ENTIRELY curable through natural ways. Please don't feel pushed or pressured or helpless that you think you must resort to this drug.

I'm not a crazy natural person (nut job lol) just a 27 year old guy who has been through it all and can offer genuinely good advice. You can see by my profile how long i've been around this forum.

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