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Aha Peels - Do They Really Work?

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Hi everyone smile.png

I was just wondering whether "gentle" chemical peels (by that I mean alpha hydroxy acid peels) have an effect on (very) small atrophic scars? I haven't discovered any success stories yet, so does this mean they are basically useless?!

However, I've been using a tretinoin/isotretinoin cream for about a year now and it has improved my skin and made my scarring less visible. I don't get pustules anymore, but I do have loads of whiteheads and tiny scars. sad.png

What I would like to know now is: Is it possible to get chemical peels while using topical retinoids? And would the peels be helpful to remove the rest of my skin imperfections?

Thank you very much in advance smile.png

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I have had success with gentle AHAs (using a lactic acid toner and light glycolic acid peels). The AHAs have not completely removed my small, shallow atrophic scars, but they are way less noticeable after using the AHAs. They definitely speed up the healing of red marks too.

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Low glycemic diet/ Avoiding dairy, gluten, most soy, an refined sugars, foods/beverages

Daily exercise (yoga, walking, hiking)

Cetaphil cleanser & lotion (for dry, sensitive skin) - AM/PM

Agera AHA toner at night

Occasional spot treatment with 2% BP or skin biology Exfol Serum

Supplements: Multivitamin/mineral, calcium, ALA, MSM, D3 (2000 mg), Fish oil, CoQ10, Rhodiola Rosea, Silica, probiotic

Sleep & hydration!

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