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Red Bumps On Hand From Accutane? (Using Hydrocortisone?)

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Almost done 2 months of 80 mg a day, and i have been getting these very small red spots/bumps recently. It happened around my 6 week mark and now is happening again. What's weird is that i have 2% hydrocortisone valerate cream and everytime i use it, they go away in a day, or sometimes in around 10 hours.

My question is what do you think these red bumps are, and is it safe to use the hyrdocortisone cream while on accutane? (its just being applied to back of hand/wrist area). Sometimes they are bumps but sometimes they are just a flat red spot.

Also i do not get alot of these bumps..this morning i checked and had about 5 on my left hand and 4 on my right plus 2 on my wrists. Used the cream around noon, took a nap since i was up all night, and now they are almost gone.

Did this at the 6th week mark and it cured them up too, also wondering why they came back.

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The bumps your getting is a rash. From dry skin caused by the accutane. Hydrocortisone is fine to use. If you pick up on your lotion usage you should be good.


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That's quite normal, I experienced the same thing. It's completely safe to use Hydrocortisone but I found that as soon as I started moisturising really often (like 3-4 times a day) the rashes went away :)

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