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Muriprocin Was A Godsendocm Ruined Me, But

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I had literaly just written about 500 words about my trials and tribulations with acne..Not doing it again but here are my coles notes.

- oily face, dandruff scalp

- have beee having continuous acne over the last decade

- tried OCM... combination of Grapeseed and castor oil. This cleared me up, made my skin really soft. I altered the mix and added jojoba which was suposed to be great for scalp and skin. Also used jojoba treatment on scalp. At the same time I also did the NO shampoo thing..using baking soda and rinsing with ACV.

- after a few weeks my forehead and temples ERUPTED with cystic acne. My temples were litteraly mounds of cystic pimples combining into a huge freakish megapimple. I stopped the oil treatment, treid everything..altered my diet...tried candida diet for a month..moved onto a paleo diet. tried proactive (which worked for me once)..Nothing worked. Bought black soap..felt like it was helping but temple acne presisted and new pimples continued to form on my forhead.

- i've read that OCM has done this to numerous people. I guess it's just not made for us oily folk. Anyhow, Desperate times call for desperate measures. I noticed that my gf was prescribed muriprocin for a burn she had on her hand (in case it got infected). I decided to google it and found that it seems to obliterate acne. With nothing to lose I gave it a try. Slathered it on covering most of my forehead and temples. Few days go by..nothign really different...very itchy. After a week, the cysts subsided and my face cleared up.

i continue to eat healthier...I call it a moderation diet (sweets are more pop). I wash my face with black soap and use an oil free moisturizer. If I get a new pimple (which doesn't happen as often anymore), i apply a bit of muriprocin (btw you are NOT supposed to use this continuously...otherwise the bacteria will become immune to it.

I do blame the OCM on a horrible flareup, although I suspect Jojoba was the culprit. Unfortunately there were way too many variables and too little constants for me to be able to single out the cause. I was completely against antibiotics (specificaly the ingestible kind), but muriprocin saved my livelihood.

ps I know my story jumps around alot...just didnt' feel like typing it over again but I'd be more than willing to discuss. I've done my fair share of research on the subject and have tried just about EVERYTHING.

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