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I been taking accuntane for nearly a month and was on 30mg 2 weeks and now on 40 mg and it's great have suffered from dry lips and around my nose but went with Vaseline and the dermal 500 cream I also found petroleum jelly helped ,I have seen a difference in my skin as I'm having no odd spots and can see black heads I have had on my nose for about 9years are going,which. Is great feeling this forum helped with me deciding to go on it and like to help others as see bad reviews on here which are not true.Even through your not supposed to drink on it I have drank once or twice a week an been fine and so have my blood tests ,hangovers are even better then before I took it and do not get no more drunk same with waxing i forgot you was not supposed to but it turned out fine and love how my hair does not get greasy i would recommend

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