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Alternative Treatments

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I don't normally post on Blogs however over the past several years I had Acne problems so I turned to the internet to get some advice which help me out tremendously, so in turn I would like to share what I did to get rid of my acne.

Over the past numerous years I would get acne around my chin area. I went to the doctor and a dermatologist and they both said it was Rosacea. I was prescribed Pills and Creams (Minocycline, Tetro, etc...sorry for the spelling) for years and years. Along with the prescribed routine I would avoid eating certain foods, alcohol, sun etc...

A couple of years ago I came across an article that explains that "all" acne is curable, this might not be true for everybody however the article did provide a lot of information about the skin, acne and skin conditions and diet. As I mentioned before my doctor and dermatologists said I had Rosacea however as in I'm sure many cases it was not necessarily Rosacea but Acne.

The article (web site) is Acne No More. No, I do not represent the web-site in any way...There is a cost for the article.

Long story short, I took a more holistic approach to my skin problems. My treatment was part diet and part skin care products. I started by juicing for a few weeks eating more raw foods and changing what I use on my face and body. In doing research I discovered how may bad ingredients are in "big" company products (Parabens, SLA's among others). Fortunately I have a Whole Foods in my city so I started experimenting with different products.

The best products I use for my skin are Desert Essence face wash, Doctor Bronner's soaps (Tea Tree) to wash my face and I use The Green Turtle Green Tea facial cream ( This is probably the best product you will ever use). There are other products for washing your face, and they all seem to work well, I would suggest experimenting to find the product that works for you. BUT for a moisturizer I swear there is no better product that The Green Turtle Green Tea. I stared a regiment (including diet/exercise) and things actually got worse but I stuck with it and I can honestly say that my skin has probably never been as good as it has been for the last couple of years.

I would recommend by starting do do research on diet especially about Candida and research on ingredients that are bad for your skin, you would be surprised. Then start using more natural products, Yes, they can be expensive but considering the amount of money that you have probably spent on prescription remedies and OTC products that don't work, the effort and cost is worth it.

Anyways hope this helps anyone...BTW I am male in my 40's for reference.

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