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Hai, my name Timotius Penta Wyber i'm 24 Years old, lately i have some problem with my face skin for your information i have oily skin and acne prone because i using wrong regimen several years ago and get worse recently. At the beginning my acne already cure by some topical regimen that prescribe by my dermatologist for 4 years i've been using this cream and it works for my skin but lately after 4 years my acne seems to be immune by this drug and start to get worse again, the cause its maybe i had recently change my cleanser for several times and looking for better cleanser but somehow there isn't the better cleanser, my skin always irritated when i change my cleanser so i get back to use my cleanser from my dermatology, it happen several times until i realize my skin start to produce more sebum than before and its feels so annoying and i start to wash my face over and over again maybe 4 time or 5 time per day, the thing i will regret forever it's no use and afterward my face became more oily and shiny in the middle of this tragedy i've change my cleanser and topical regimen 3 times and i meet another dermatology 2 different dermatology with different topical regimen.The first dermatology seems to be not helpful its make my acne worse and make red look face and i already stop to cleans my face so often but my skin still not have any improvement. My second dermatology give me some topical gel and an astringent not for so long its looks some improvement my skin look drier and my sebum is decrease but my forehead look shiny than before even there isn't sebum in there, right now i very frustrating and feel so embarrassed about my look please give me some revelation for my skin.....

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