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Well I am a 22 yr old male that has suffered from painful cystic like acne for years. I often get very bad and painful breakouts that cover my upper back, lower back, upper arms and shoulders. Like most people that come to this site I was desperate for a solution therefore I tried everything, I must add that I have always ate healthy and workout at least 5 day per week. Here are some of the remedies I have tried to treat my acne, some with varying results but none with permanent results: turmeric, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, benzyl peroxide, sauna, steam room, exfoliation, water only diets, tanning, antibiotics, every skin cleanser known to man and so on. I found that the antibiotics worked well at first but then my acne came back with a vengeance. I also must add that turmeric and getting some sunlight really seemed to help my breakouts but still offered no cure all. Then one day while I was on Facebook I read on a group page I had like about the healing properties of Lavender Oil and figured I would experiment since I had some in the cabinet (helps with occasional sleep related issues). My routine is so simple take a lukewarm shower, avoid harsh cleansing products, dry off but leave back a little damp and apply a few drops of lavender oil to your hands and rub the oil into your back. Within a week my acne has already decreased 90% and my skin feels SO much softer, my scars are fading as well. I also must add that if you cant resist the urge to pop a stubborn pimple this product works absolutely amazing in healing redness, scaring and swelling.

I am happy to say that lavender oil combined with getting my thyroid medications adjusted properly after having thyroid cancer has contributed to a back 95% improved from severe acne.

BTW I purchased my oil from Whole Foods in a small 10ml bottle( a little oil goes a LONG way)



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