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Very Desperate :(, Need Help :(

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Hi guys, does anyone know how to get rid of scar tissue? External scar tissue.

I had cystic pimple 4,5 years ago, it left me a hyperthropic scar, after 2 years I decided to get microdermabrasion done, my dermatologist suggested it to me. Nurse screwed up and left me with bigger scar due to microdermabrasion (scar is now longer).

1 month ago I got another cystic pimple, on other side of nose, it was smaller though, but it too left me with raised scar. I squeezed the fresh scar and lot of blood came out, week after skin under pimple swelled up.

I used aknemycin on it, it helped, once it was healed, I used Kelo-Cote (silicone cream) on my old scar, and new scar. It made both scars worse unfortunately :/. Old scar has raised and widened a bit due to silicone. New Scar? I was applying silicone on and around the scar, it seems like it has dyed skin white around the scar, and raised it a bit. There is one small bump, my scar,then next to it is another one,and under it is another one, it kind of froms a triangle.

I have used Kelo-Cote on new scar only for like 5 days, and on old scar for maybe 8-9 days. Even though I hae used it only for such a short time, it has made a difference in my scars, and it is worse :(.

Guys, can anyone please give me an advice on how to flatten scars on my nose, just flattening is absolutely enough. I cannot use anything that is from silicone, it only worsens scars. My old scar is skin coloured, my new scar is partially red.

Is there anything that breaks up scar tissue? Or dissolves it?

I ordered manuka honey, Serrapeptase and Nattokinase, and collagen -type 1&3.

Serrapeptase and Nattokinase are enzymes that supposedly dissolve both internal and external scar tissue, hope it will work. Anyways, is there anything else that might work?

I read aquaseas topic about massaging the scars, would it work even on nose? There is cartilage under it. Thank you.

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Maybe can try "face ironing"? Use cotton cloth and stuff like cotton ball and dip in hot water 40-50 degree celcius.

But scar must be stretched first?

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Hi Faergor,

I sent a personal message in reply to your question. I will post it on this forum for others too (below).

NB Please note that depressed scarring (and perhaps even hypertropic scarring??) usually appears longer/ wider as it heals (before it shrinks/ disappears). This is because when collagen fills-up the depressed scar, the circumference of the scar initially widens. So, please don't be disheartened. Healing scars is not an instant event but a lengthy process contingent on many variables including your diet and overall health i.e. you need to eat healthy, drink healthy & lightly exercise daily!

Lastly, it takes 3 months for new collagen to form and new skin cells to form. So, please assess your skin every 3 months. And don't fuss with your skin too much i.e. don't over wash it (i.e. everyday - but use a mild organic natural cleanser), and do not place any toxic things or harsh products on it.


AS smile.png

My reply to you:

I think firstly you need to do extensive research on natural therapies/ remedies in relation to healing cystic acne. Stay away from anything artificial, harsh, chemical based and toxic.

Secondly, you need to ascertain what causes your cystic acne. For example, I have read that some people get it from eating oranges. I have also read that it could be a byproduct of an ingested toxic substance: i.e. a person on went to a toxicologist to have the contents of her cystic acne analyzed and it contained traces of plastic!!! Once you have established the cause (i.e. leaky gut syndrome, lack of exercise, lack of sunlight/ vitamin D, nutritional deficiency, gluten, SUGAR, processed sugar, refined carbs, flour products, sweets, cakes, GMO foods, fluoride toothpaste/ tap water/ processed food diet/ sodas/ junk food/ takeaway junk foods/ microwave foods/ dairy/ toxins/ over-processing/ over-washing/ harsh chemical acne topicals etc), you can seek to heal it/ rectify it.

So, essentially, I see cystic acne as a message from your body that it is allergic to something or it is filled with a toxic substance and it is tying to purge itself of the toxin (note: these toxins can stay in your body fat for years until you lose weight and then it's purged through your skin [i.e. if not eradicated through bowel movement, most toxins/ body waste products are then released through the skin]).

Essentially, I would recommend:

A) A major detox:

- Eat lots of organic, raw vegan wholefoods/ superfoods (NB if anything makes you breakout stop eating it): i.e. lots of green leafy salad leaves, raw kale, avocado, bell peppers, flaxseed oil/ grapseed oil/ cold pressed organic virgin coconut oil, carrots cucumber, coriander, mint, flat leaf parsley, thyme, mixed nuts, mixed beans, peas, fermented foods like tempeh/ sauerkraut, quinoa, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, dandelion greens, hemp seeds, tomato, red cabbage, red onion, cayenne pepper, tumeric, dried thyme, baked potatoes with their skin, baked sweet potatoes, iodized sea salt, sea vegetables (seaweed, nori rolls etc), spring water, fresh fruit & vegetable juices, gluten free muesli, almond milk, oats, nutritious flat bread or gluten free bread, brown rice, kiwi fruit, apples, berries, melons, mangoes, banana etc.

- Use a sauna once a week for a month to cleanse your body of toxins.

- Drink a fresh carrot, beetroot, apple juice daily (cleanses your liver) with a scoop of superfoodgreens i.e. chlorella/ spirulina/ barley grass - see Synergy brand or any brand. You can try other ones too with green leafy salad leaves like spinach etc

- Drink herbal burdock or dandelion tea

- Drink edible healing clay drink once a week for a month (see your health store): this is very detoxing & healing

- Use Bentonite clay masks once a month.

- Take quality chlorella daily (very detoxifying)

- Exercise lightly/ power walk 10 -30 minutes per day in the sun (use hat if necessary but not sunblock - but expose your arms/ legs etc to direct sunlight for vitamin D).

B) Go to forum for advice on cystic scars and hypertropic scarring. (NB Please ensure they are not in fact keloid scars which require a completely different healing method). You could try gently needling them with beta glucan liquid over 6-12 months (see Garden of Wisdom brand). However, a more stronger protocol would be using copper peptides and a very low strength glycolic acid (10 -15% - NB don't go higher!!!) along with skin needling (BUT please test a patch first to ensure it's not too strong for your skin - and please research this protocol thoroughly before attempting). I used a short derma roller from which was very good and easy to clean (just rinse under hot water and store in fridge with topicals to keep them pathogen free). Just don't over roll & give your skin a few days rest, then a few weeks rest, then a few months break between rolling or single needling/ stamping. The rolling only activates the skin to heal itself, the 'magic' happens in the time you don't derma roll & let the skin naturally reform collagen. So after a period of skin rolling, leave the skin for 3 months or more alone and only use the beta glucan liquid. Note: you must eat & drink very healthy to maximise your healing.

Note: You might want to use the copper peptide with the skin needling. Whereas the 10-15% glycolic acid can be used as a peel once fortnight for 3 months then stop (but please test to ensure it's not too strong for your skin).

You might also wish to try a vitamin c mask from once a month. However, I prefer pure lemon juice (but some people find this too harsh). Please test a small patch of skin. This will help collagen formation.

C) Trial using a niacinamide gel. This is a vitamin B3 based product and is said to really help most acne types resolve.

D) Get sunshine daily (just don't burn and don't use sunblock, only a hat if necessary, but ensure you expose your skin directly to sunlight daily).

E) Try swimming at a pristine clean beach as often as possible (in warmer months). Sea salt is great for the body, mind & soul.

F) Do things daily that de-stress, calm & center you (i.e. reading, walking, meditation, listening to spa music or baroque music, napping). Surround yourself with people, animals, activities & things that uplift your soul etc.

E) Don't fuss with your skin. Don't wash your skin or shower everyday. Your skin needs its protective lipid/ oil barrier to heal, prevent infection and prevent scarring. Use a very mild organic natural cleanser once in a while (see The Body Deli, Sukin, Pure Skin Junkie, Jess Organics etc). Use a natural organic facial mist to boost skin hydration.

F) Keep your personal space and bedroom/ bed dust free, clean, fresh, organized and relaxing. It should give you a feeling of calm and be an inviting sanctuary. Nourish your soul every day.

G) Consider a non industrial, non-toxic wholefood/ organic multivitamin like Deva Nutrition (prenatal if you're female or regular if you're male) or one from etc.

If I think of anything else, I'll message you.

Hope this helps!


AS smile.png

PS Healing scars takes time. You will not see major results until 3 -6 months after using a derma rolling protocol. However, it usually takes between 1 to 2 years to see final results. If you still have superficial irregularities, you'll need a low strength retin a (or retinaldehyde - a safer form of retin a) application once or twice a week for 3 months to finally polish your skin. You can use beta glucan with the retin a too. However, its best to stop using retin a as it's very potent, whereas you can continue with beta glucan as it enhancers your skin health.

PPS Massaging your skin for a month is great to do. It complements skin needling. You can try it along with skin needling. But only do it for a 2 weeks or one month then stop. 3 months after stopping skin needling and massaging, you should see a remarkable improvement to your skin/ scars, especially if you continue using beta glucan liquid.

PPPS Stay away from microwaves, junk foods, tap water, DAIRY, fluoride toothpaste (use mineral/ herbal), GMO, takeway foods (especially McDonalds), plastic containers, canned foods, tea, coffee, sodas, sugar, gluten, flour products, refined carbs, processed foods, artificial additives, non-organic foods etc

PPPPS Read articles to keep up-to-date with natural health news and natural health remedy innovations. Keep researching.

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  • Everyone has a doctor in him or her; we just have to help it in its work. The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well.
  • Our food should be our medicine.
  • Walking is man's best medicine.
  • As to diseases make a habit of two things - to help, or at least, to do no harm.
  • Prayer indeed is good, but while calling on [God], a man should himself lend a hand.

All quotes by ~ Hippocrates, "Father of Modern Medicine"

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Aquasea, I have few questions for you:

1. Massage technique from Manuka M, has it made most difference to your skin? Was that one of they key ingredients which made you achieve your goal? So, is it actually legit?

2. Did you eventually get rid of all of your scars? It has been few months already.

3. You mentioned that you had a hypertrhopic scar on your face, what exactly were you doing to get rid of it?

4. I remember you mentioning something about your nose, what were you trying to fix on it exactly?

5. Did you have any other hypertropic scars on your face?

6. So you were massaging your scars mainly with Beta Glucan? You mentioned it induces collagen production. That seems to me more like a thing that would be needed for icepick/bock/depressed scars, not hyperthropic scars, correct? I need mainly to dissolve/reduce the scar tissue. Would not Beta Glucan made my hyperthropic scars only worse, like, more raised, widened,etc.?

7. Would not single needling work better for my hypertrhopic scars rather than dermaroller? Dermaroller would cover bigger area, and that is not what I exactly need. I need to focus only, and only on scarred area.

Thank you very much :).

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I can relate so much to what Aquasea says. I believe that a clean plant based diet has helped me not only clear my acne but helped fill in some scars with @HOME dermarolling (3! Sessions) and diminish red blotchy skin to the point where people notice it. With a high raw diet I also noticed lots of hairs growing in most of my pitted scar areas, that is a sign that the sorrounding skin is healing slowly. f I were you i'd listen to EVERYTHING aquasea has to say. The body has incredible healing capabilities that sadly are blocked by today's industrialized foods including meat. And when you feed it LIVE food your body goes into a state of detox and thusfully, unleashing amazing healing capabilities. And that, when combining with lasers or even dermarolling witch infact do depend on your bodies healing capabilities to see resulults, maximizes your skin's potential to heal.

Go vegan see results. for dermarolling


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If you have pitted scarring look into Subcision-Suction as well as microneeding. Check out my success

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