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Could A Mild Soy Allergy Be Causing My Constant Mild Acne?

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I'm 15, and a girl. I've struggled with acne since seventh grade, however, I remember getting a pimple a few times in as early as fourth grade. My acne can be classified as mild, but I know most people with mild acne get it occasionally, or for girls, around the time they get their period. However, my acne has never gotten out of control (cystic acne everywhere) but it's pretty much always active. I haven't had perfectly clear skin for a long time. Or, it will be relatively clear for one day, and then gradually get worse. I can't leave the house without putting on concealer somewhere.

I don't understand why this is happening to me. I wash my face twice a day with Basis Cleaner Clean, moisturize, and at night I apply Benzaclin. (I tried Epiduo, but it made my skin flake off.) I also use oil blotting sheets 2-3 times a day. I drink a lot of water and green tea, and I'm on the cross country team.

A lot of my friends get acne, but they don't take as crucial care of their skin. My friend used to have really bad acne, but he started Benzaclin (only washes his face at night with no moisturizer then applies it, and has an unhealthy diet/doesn't drink water) and it has completely disappeared. My other friend with acne didn't even wash her face that much, but she recently started to once a day and hers has completely cleared up. Same situation for my sister. It seems like everyone else finds a miracle cure but me...I don't know any other person with mild acne who gets it constantly, and I obsess over my skin care.

When I was little, I was tested for different food allergies, and I had a slight reaction to soy. I eat a lot of soy (pretzels, goldfish, etc.) because the allergy didn't have any effects on me. I was if I could still be allergic to it, and eating it has caused constant little flare ups. I get white heads on my nose a lot, chin, and forehead. It's usually only whiteheads.

Thank you.

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