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Crazy, Rude Gynecologist Experience?

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Okay, so I am 16 have been breaking out nonstop since 14. I always have 10-15 pimples, usually 5 are really red. Blackheads on my nose and chin and sometimes milia on my forehead.

Have tried dieting, otc stuff, max strength bp/salicylic acid, etc. No change.

I went to a derm, she gave me oracea and ziana. Didn't work and she wouldn't give me bc as she "never prescribes it".

Had blood tests done which showed high testosterone, doc thinks I might have PCOS which causes acne, but don't need to worry about diagnosing it right now as I'm not sexually active or looking to get pregnant and I don't have severe symptoms.

Went to a gyno, she prescribed me lo loestrin fe. I was specific I only want it for my acne. Did two months on the sample pack, no change, so went back again.

I told her I had no change and asked about going up to 20/30 mcg of estrogen or even 15, because lo loestrin fe only has 10 and all the BCs prescribed for the purpose of acne have around 20-30. I was specifically talking about something like ortho tri cyclen or yaz, (preferably OTC because it seems safer) since those are the ones allowed to be prescribed for acne, I mean I wasn't being aggressive and demanding it but I was telling her I thought that might be better because I've shown no reaction to this and since I have higher testosterone something normal or high dose might show improvement with acne. All she did was tell me "I have 30 years experience so please don't question me, I want you to be on this another 4-6 months." She didn't answer any questions I had and told me going on a higher dosage such as 20 would "Definitely make me obese and turn my acne brown." I'm 5"5 and 100 lbs and didn't gain any weight on this pill so that makes no sense to me.... I told her I'm only concerned because I've also had friends in the same situation who had to go from lo loestrin to normal dosage as it did nothing for acne and she asked me "if I had friends drive drunk would I do that too". Then as I was visibly a little put off by that comment (I was just like "Uhh no?") she basically started ranting "I don't really care at all if you see another gyno, I'm not going to be offended, I would have been 15 years ago, but I won't, I'm never changing your dosage so you can do this or visit someone else." You might think I had provoked her to act like this but really I was only asking questions out of concern and expressed that I'm just frustrated with my acne and want to make sure I'm on the right pill, I was completely respectful and polite, I'm very shy and mild mannered, so I think she's an absolute nutcase after this visit but my mom doesn't trust me since she's never acted this way around her.

Am I correct that she is a little crazy? Should I visit another gyno? Or an endocrinologist? It makes no sense to me how if I have higher testosterone than an normal person, and that's what's causing my acne, than why am I on a lower than normal dosage..

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She has made it clear that she is not going to work with you, or even reasonably discuss your concerns.

Just switch doctors.

The only part I agree with is that yes, on ANY birth control, you will need to wait 4-6 months to see results.

However I wouldn't prescribe Loestrin Fe for acne in the first place.




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