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Natural Treatments For Acne - Am I Taking Too Many Herbs?

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So after various courses of anti-biotics, three forms of birth control pills over five years, two courses of accutane, countless over the counter products and prescribed topical treatments..... my acne is STILL here so I've decided to go herballl naturall and try to control it as I have been diagnosed with p.c.o.s so my acne is hormonal :)

Here is what I am taking,

Agnus castus two capsules twice a day (also known as vitex or chasteberry root...supposed to regulate periods as it regulates the eostrogen and progesterone in your body)

Evening primrose oil 3 soft gel capsules one in the morning one afternoon one at night.

Saw Palmetto one soft gel capsule daily (320mg) Saw palmetto is supposed to be the natural alternative to spironolactone which lessens excess testosterone in your body.

Then Zinc and Omega three fish oil for just general overall health and skin improvment.

Is this gonna be okay?




Vitamins/Supplements: Vitex (agnus castus), A Herbal Mix made by a Naturopath, DIM Plus, Zinc, Vitamin A, Milk Thistle, Calcium, Matcha Green tea, Myo-Inositol powder, Omega 3 Fish Oil, Evening Primrose Oil.

Diet: Dairy free (mainly due to intolerance), low carb, low sugar, no processed foods

Lifestyle: I run every day. I gym three/four times a week.

In the past: Various Antibiotics, Birth Control Pills (Dianette, Yasmin, Cilest), Zineryt, Benzoyl Peroxide, Two courses of Roaccutane.

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as long as you aren't mega dosing, and you are spreading it out through the day you'll be fine

the tough thing will be, if this helps you it will be hard to figure out which ones are really driving it....but hey if it helps wouldn't that be a great problem to have!!??**

so give it a try, our fingers are crossed for you!

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Just so you know, evening primrose oil broke me out like crazy MULTIPLE times. Evening primrose oil is an omega 6. Most acne sufferers have too much omega 6 in the body already.

The fish oil is omega 3, which is what you need.




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