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My Regimen Log: Journey To Clear Skin!

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I am in my week 7 of my regimen and I didn't use Dan's products because I live in Croatia.

I started of with a lot of really cystic acne, but during the first few weeks of regimen it just has gotten worse sad.png

So I started of with 2.5% BP that I bought on e-bay ; Benxop Gel. It said it was gel based, but it really wasn't so it would clump up with my moisturiser and I just couldn't wear make-up, because it looked pretty bad, but I did wear it, because it still looked better than without make up. My face was just red, irritated, flaky...I had all the side effects sad.png And then I ordered Dan's BP from Amazon and I started to use it last week, just in the morning and Benxop in the evening and I like Dan's better, because it absorbs into the skin and I also hope it will get me clear faster smile.png I don't like that it's a little to liquid for me though sad.png But my skin was stil dry, red, irritated and flaky...

I am not sure why I speak in past tense, because it still is all that, but I think I can honestly say that I can see improvements for the first time, although my face looks pretty bad. I mean when I compare pictures of my face before the regimen, there's not as much hiperpigmentations, but now the acne I do have have mostly flattened out(except on my forhead),although it's still here but I have a lot of hiperpigmentation that makes my skin look pretty bad at this point, worse than it really is sad.png But I do have a cream that works wonders with hiperpigmentations, because I used to use it in past when I had facials and the cream would heal my skin in mather of days, but I don't want to go overboard with it, because I am scared that the regimen wouldn't work then...I buy the cream here in Croatia and it's from the brand called BABOR...I am not sure if it exists in America though...but it worked miracles for me in past and I buy it ever since...

I am also still trying to find out what causes my breakouts on my neck and on my forehead, because on my forhead, I didn't have that much acne before the regimen, but now I do have a lot of acne there and it's not just acne, it's bumps and I get at least one weakly and it's pretty bad, because I can't cover them woth make up and I just look like a unicorn lol lol

I don't know guys...yesterday was the first time after 6 weeks that I saw some improvements, but then today I woke up with new bumps on my forhead and I really don't know why do I get those...maybe it's the jojoba oil, but I am not sure sad.png And I don't want to remove jojoba from my regimen because I think it helps with dryness and I really do get very dry skin from time to time, usually when I up my BP.

I am mostly concered about those bumps on my forhead and about severe dryness of my neck area, because I put BP there too, because I used to have acne there, cystic ones...they are gone now thanks God, but I now get one inflamed pimple weekly in my lower neck area and it hurts and it's very noticable and all....and it just bothers me lol

Ok so that's about it...If you guys have any advices I hope you will write them down in comments below, I would appreciate it smile.png

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