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Teenage Acne?

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I'm 14, and I have pretty bad (not cystic) acne on my forehead, my cheeks, sides of the face, chin. My face is constantly red now so I look mauled without foundation now.

My acne is the clogged pores type I believe. It's just really weird... and I've tried too many treatments and my parents told me to just give up.

Yes I do thoroughly take my makeup off, and I've had acne before I started wearing it.

Diet is not a problem for me. I was a gluten free diet for a while and that I didn't do anything. Hydration isn't a problem either.

Is this just all hormonal base?

I have no self confidence except at night now a days.


And what can I do to treat it?

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Try avoiding dairy for a month, see if that helps. and if BP didn't work then go with salicylic acid....use a wash with SA and a 2% leave on SA lotion daily and a weekly SA peel of 15-20% strength (follow directions on the peel and go slow)

also tazorac is great at clearing pores but the initial breakout can be tough, and you need to stick with this for a few months

good luck, and try something, I disagree with the just ignore it approach

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