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Results For Clindoxyl Gel And Tetracyline

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I have been taking Tetracycline and applying Clindoxyl Gel to my skin after washing my face with a cleanser specified for acne and letting it dry for about five minutes. I also wash my face once in the morning so I wash my face a total of two times a day. I also have stopped wearing my bangs down in front of my face while I am using these products as I think my bangs might be a reason my forehead only was getting moderate acne.

Well I have been taking and applying these products for two and a half weeks and I am wondering if my results are normal? My acne is fading to more of a pale pink colour as appose to bright red and purple and there are less scab type acne and more bumps under my forehead skin as appose to on my forehead like pimples were. The only acne I have on my forehead are bumps under the skin and still some dis-coloration which is a lighter colour now as appose to a brighter and meaner looking red and even a bit purple-ish.

I am just wondering if it is normal to not have totally clear skin yet? Are these results normal after taking it for about 2 1/2 weeks? I am worried because I still am getting some acne but it is not as severe. Does that mean it is on it's way to stopping completely? Does anyone have any experience with either Tetracycline or Clindoxyl Gel? What were your results around 2 1/2- 3 weeks? When did your skin REALLY clear up?

Thank You! :)

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I'm not on tetracycline, but I do use clindoxyl gel with Diane 35 (birth control). I've been using it for just under 4 months now and I am still not clear - although for me my acne is more hormonal (and I've also used clindoxyl years ago so my skin might be a little resistant to it now). It has helped improve my skin a lot though.

2.5 weeks is nothing. I would say for any acne treatment, 3 months is usually the best time to tell whether or not something is working or not. If you have milder acne, I guess you could maybe clear up in a month if you're lucky? But I've never heard of anyone who got clear within 2.5 weeks of anything. And as far as oral antibiotics go I'd say those tend to take a while to work their magic too.

But keep pushign through and hopefully you'll see the results you want soon.

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Oral antibiotics are a short-term solution.

You can't take them long-term because it's not safe to do so.

Once you go off the antibiotic pills, your acne will likely come back.

I have no idea why doctors still prescribe antibiotics without a complementary long-term solution.

Please ask your dermatologist what their long-term plans for your acne are. If they don't have a good answer, you need a new doctor.

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