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I thought I would start a new topic as I ordered Dermatix Silicone Gel today, primarily for the use of my Post Inflammatory Erythema and Shallow Scarring.

As I have said on previous topics, I have spent a lot of time researching what this Post Inflammatory Erythema is with little luck and information on it... I did however find something quite interesting on it, which others whom are suffering from may be interested to read...

I have also seen recently that many people have or have considered to use Duct Tape on their coloured marks and scars as this apparently tricks the body into thinking something is attacking the skin - As a result, the white blood cells travel to this area of the skin and attack against the "virus" or "infection", thus meaning that more collagen is produced... This method is also commonly used for the treatment of Warts and Verrucas, it yields very high success rates within this category, however again after much research into these kinds of studies, many reported Erythema as a side effect.

Anyone who already has this DOES NOT want it making worse, and after it seeing it pop up several times within studies I decided against completing using it.

Erythema - Defined as redness of the skin, caused by hyperemia - which is an increase of blood flow to the capillaries. The capillaries are engorged because of damage to the skin, this is the bodies way of responding to the healing process. So if you logically think about it, it doesn't make sense to scrub your skin raw or apply anything which is too strong.

I decided on purchasing Dermatix Silicone Gel as I have seen many positive reviews for it (Hopefully wont jinx it) especially for Erythema. I do have some shallow scarring, I think some Ice Pick scars and some Boxcar Scars, but these have got significantly better since I have left them alone and time has passed on. I think these kind of scars respond well to collagen product, apparently putting some form of pressure on the mark encourages the body to produce more of it (Not sure how true that is).

I will continue to update the progress of this product once it arrives, hopefully it will help some of you guys too. I'm praying for a miracle!!!!!!! eusa_pray.gif

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OK I have been using this for over a month now alongside Collagen Tablets.

It is recommended that Dermatix Gel is used twice a day. I have only done this on some days - It is really sticky and I do not want to apply makeup over it. I also found that when using twice a day, I would wake up the next morning with some red bumps on my skin which were spots wanting to come up. This is the downfall of the Dermatix Gel. It is hard to know if you're putting too much on - The unfortunate logic in my head is the more the better. So, as a result I have had a few spots develop from putting too much on, some on my forehead, cheeks and chin. These were only small though and a few turned into an actual head but I guess that isn't the point as no one wants more spots... Again though, I never get blackheads, and this gave me several as it it quite sticky and presumably blocked my pores. For people who have a lot of active acne at the moment - I really would not recommend this product as I feel it might make your spots worse.

My shallow scars I have found do not look as prominent, this is with and without make-up. My skin looks smother, and the redness has decreased.

I do not know if this is because in conjunction I have been taking 6 Collagen tablets a day. These are pretty gross (Absolutely huge, I break them in half, often lodge in your throat!) but I will continue to take them anyway as I am getting more used to it now and they have helped with some hair thinning in my forehead that I had (If this is relevant to anyone else).

After the Dermatix started giving me a few spots I thought that I would lay off it for a while and only apply once a day. This has worked much better for me, I now only apply at night time. Before applying this, I have got into a routine of using ice on my face, take some out of the tray and hold a towel whilst applying. Again, this has worked really well for me, redness is instantly reduced, my scars again didn't look as prominent, but as expected, the longer I had the ice on for, the redder my skin got (This took a bit longer to go so wouldn't recommend doing this before going out somewhere).

So I have found the best routine is - Using Dermatix Gel only ONCE a day, this at night time, after I have applied Ice to my face for say half an hour. I will take three Collagen Tablets in the morning, and another three at night. From doing this, I am now becoming happy with the results. My skin looks no way near as bad as it did, and hopefully will look much better by January.

I might have forgotten to write something which someone may wanna know so if there is anything please feel free to ask

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