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What Cured My Acne

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Hi everyone,

I am, like all of you, a sufferer from acne. Up until a few weeks ago, I thought I had tried everything there was to try and then my doctor prescribed me a magic gel. This gel is called Epiduo (or Tactuo in Canada). I can honestly say that this is what has helped clear my acne the most out of all the other things I've tried. I am now on the first day of week 3 and I have seen great improvement. At first, it made my skin all red and peely, but it's a lot better now (and after exfoliating). After 3 months of use I will post before and after pictures for you all to see.

If there's one piece of advice I can give you all, it's go to your doctor/dermatologist. I spent a while trying all these kinds of natural remedies and using special face washes when at the end of the day, what actually made a difference on my skin was the prescribed gel. I am NOT saying that natural remedies don't work, I'm just saying that in my opinion, getting professional advice is the first thing you should do, and then if the prescription doesn't work after a few months of use (YOU NEED TO BE PATIENT!!) then you should resort to natural remedies.

I continue to pray that everyone finds their own "cure" for acne.

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