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What Shall I Use?

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I had acne for a couple of years now and I've been using a couple of products. Not very many, a couple.

I've attached a picture (Basiron) which is the product I've been using some times, not very often. I don't know if that product only exists in Sweden or no, I'd guess it's everywhere.

I started with 5% for a couple of weeks, then I switched to 10%, but this was 1-2 years ago. I then decided to start with the 10% right of a couple weeks ago, not every day though, just at nights when I was sleeping.

I felt it worked some, but of course you want it all to go away on 1 day, and when my parents mentioned some pimple I had in my forehead we started discussing products to get rid of my acne. So I told them about Proactive because I've heard of it everytime I turned my freaking TV on. And everytime I saw it I was like "Oh, that's probably bullsh*t, but why would they give away free Proactive kits to so many people if It's not working?"... So I said I'd give it a try (Since my parents were paying of course.

I got Proactive 2-3 days ago, and I've been using it as I should, 2 times a day. I also used the Refining Mask (Which smells awful) along with the basic kit because they sent it together with the kit.

Anyway... I don't know if my skin is getting softer, but it's still a bit "oily", It feels like a great product, but now when I've used it a couple of times, it seems crap. I havn't tried it for so long I KNOW, but I am not okay with getting more pimples.

So I need some advise, I'm new to this website btw.

So, should I refund the Proactive kit and continue using my old stuff? Or should I maybe try something new? I've read the product reviews, but I'm not really sure...

And to mention, I also USED a product to clean my skin. It's for acne to, but it's more cleaning.

Looks like this (I know this won't make any sense for most of you, but I'm linking a picture of it anyway.)

I'm thankful for any advise.






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