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Frustrated Teen

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Hello forums,

I am a 16 (17 in 2 mo's) year old teenager and I have been suffereing from acne since I was 12. It's worse than my overbite issue, which was fixed by braces and I am extremely greatful for. Ever since my first few pimples, I've been chasing it down with natural home remedies. I need a regimen, which i will stick to provided I am told enough about how much it will improve this situation and when to expect results.

But I am nearing my breaking point where I am simply going to give up. The worst part about all of this is the scars, which represent total hopelessness. Especially the deep ones.

My situation is most likely hereditary. My father had acne and it was pretty bad, but I'm not one to give up and simply let it ruin my life. One of the things I've been doing is consistent research but it's not getting me anywhere. Infact, it's making me feel worse.



I had an allergies testing done when I was very very young and suffered asthma problems.

  • Soy Lecithin
  • Sea food
  • Berries
  • Cockroaches (not a worry, not part of my diet...)
  • Dust mites (not a worry, not part of my diet...)


I have an issue. I started working as a part-time web developer and I have taken a craving for sugary products, specifically French Vanilla from Tim Hortons, which I religiously drank everyday (with 2 cups of coffee in the day) last year. This screwed up my situation to cause the level of scarring which prevents me to look at my face in the morning. And I might not be ready to completely give up this habit. I have toned it down to roughly 10%, where I drink no coffee (stress inducing causing extra sebum, I know) and I take a small sized cup of French Vanilla or Hot Chocolate, which has a lot of sugar (High-GI = Rapid Absorption = Insulin + IGF-1 hormone causing more crap...).

I am a teen: I do drink soda (not a lot, 3 cans max in a mo), I do eat cake (rarely), I do eat cookies (I used to eat an entire pack... now i rarely do). I don't want to completely give it up, unless you can give me a good reason.

I do not drink milk anymore because of all of the hormones and what-not. I take calcium supplements with whatever calcium comes in my diet.


  • Whey Protein (removed! Known to cause problems too -- Switching to white-egg based *need info on that*)
  • Creatine (removed! Causes DHT increase... waste of 30$)
  • Cod Liver Oil (Brand: Equate | 1,000 mg | 200 IU Vit. D, 2,664 IU Vit. A palmitate) should i take this 2x or 1x?
  • Multi-vitamin (Brand: Jamieson | Super Vita-Vim | too many vitamins to list)
  • Vitamin E (Brand: Jamieson | 200IU) 1x
  • Calcium Magnesium (Brand: Jamieson) 2-3x

Water Intake:

  • Used to be 4-6L Read below....

I would always have this 1L water bottle that I constantly finished in a day. Seriously, I would refill it every hour and be peeing a lot as well. However, it was plastic (Tritan), and I am scared to believing that it leeches dangerous chemicals (EA) and so I stopped drinking from it.

I need to know: Is it actually dangerous to drink from this plastic water bottle (Tritan plastic -- 5$ from Wal-Mart, it does have this odd plasticky pungent stench). If not, will those Kanteen water bottles suffice?


There are two major products I am using:

  • Salicyllic acid based acne wash (Clean & Clear - 2 full foams and then massage to problematic areas)
  • Salicyllic acid based astringent (Also Clean & Clear)
  • No moisturizers

I use a clean facepad every time from the astringent. If it drops, I throw it out. I do believe that my hygience is decent. Except, I do not use harsh shampoos on my hair. I use baking soda and scrub it into my scalp, which I wash off imeddiately after. This is because I am also experiencing some hair loss. Well, not some. It's definately a lot. I have heard of the oil on the head transferring to the face thing; what are my alternatives? I shower every day... okay sometimes I get lazy.

Exercise/Physical Activities:

I am moderately active. I do strength training every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for 90 minutes to 120 minutes (1:30 - 2:00 hours). I also take long walks, sometimes for 1 hour or 2 hours, but not every day, perhaps every other day.

This part is important: I will do anything to get clear skin, except when it interferes with my workouts. Working out is a passion that I have. I love the muscles, lol. Hate the back-ne and the shoulder acne though... Seems to ruin it. Anyways, I need to hit about 150grams of protein/day (1g/lbs ?) and I need a diet that lets me do that!

As I type all this, I feel like I am already doing so much... and that hurts alot more! My issue is that this is Grade 12, and I don't want to be the ugly guy. I workout and try my best to do the best for my body. I have been able to convince myself to not enter into extreme depression, but it was only for the hope of being able to fix this in the future. I am looking into Dermabrasion and Dermarollers, but there are some scary negative reviews about them! I guess thats what I need is more hope. With some specific advice on what I'm doing wrong. Is it my supplementation? My physical activity? And yes, this is severe acne, which is judged based on the pictures provided by other sever-acne sufferers. I am desperate for any advice. Changing my diet, washing techniques, supplements, etc. Please help!

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