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Constant Breaouts On Cheeks And Chin :( Please Help!

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Hey there. I am in my late 20's and I use to have AWESOME skin! Now....for the past few years...I started breaking out BAD with "hormonal acne" I guess, because its only on my cheeks and chin with MOST of it all on my left cheek only.

Note : I change my pillow cases and clean my phone.

I have been on tetracycline and atralin gel...this was years ago...the tetracycline blows and the gel took forever to work but finally did, the of course, stopped working and just irritated my skin.

I have tried everything from basic cetephil, products, the oil cleansing method, and now miracle skin perfector and Mario badescu. Yes...everyday I still have new hard red cyctic and some whiteheads and now also little congestion bumps as well.

This is just making me so emotional and self conscious ! Its driving me coocoo :(

I take very good care of my skin - if anyone could please give me some pointers or info on maybe what I could do that would help.

Also- I am not interested in taking oral pills and if any info is pertaining to diet I am a vegetarian.

Thanks all !


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