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My Acne Battle... Recommendations? (Long Read)

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First, I want to share my background.

I have never had a problem with acne. I have always had very smooth clear skin, with an occasional outbreak. I started washing with proactive in 2006 when I was 18 for prevention of those minor outbreaks (I don't recommend this because it destroys your skins natural barrier). Two years ago, in 2011, I started getting a cystic pimple every couple months, that I would handle by getting a cortisone injection. Not a big problem. Then Last year, in May 2012, I got my mirena birth control removed.

I had an AWFUL outbreak. Huge pimples that wouldn't go away. One swelled up after it popped when I washed my face.. it was half the size of my forhead. I had cystic pimples, surface pimples, and clogged pores. My dermatologist put me on Doxy, spirolactone, and retin-A. After a few months, and a couple deep cleansing facials, my skin was clear... but I still had scars. In August, I decided to stop using Retin-A because my skin was still red. I started using Pro-Active again, and continued taking Doxy and Spiro. My scars went away in less then a month, and I had completely clear beautiful skin for about 6 months.

In February, 2013, my skin started looking red and a little oily. By April, I started getting minor clogged pores that would go away fairly quickly, and I started getting cystic pimples every once in a while.

I decided to stop washing with Pro-Active In june because I found out that it can cause oily skin. I also stopped taking doxy because it wasn't preventing acne anymore. I started using Jojoba oil to cleanse, but this only lasted a month because it was cause tiny little white heads to surface all over my face. I started using Cerave to cleanse. It doesn't create acne on my face. I did have clogged pores on my chin and forehead from the Jojoba oil. They are skin colored tiny bumps. I had a similar reaction years ago. I've now learned that it just doesn't agree with me.

By August, I was getting more and more cystic pimples. Usually only one at a time, but when one would go away, another would appear. My dermatologist prescribed me Klarons. This did nothing for my skin. The cystic pimples kept coming and the clogged pores stayed where they were. I used it for over a month before I stopped.

In September I decided to risk using Proactive again. It did nothing. It didn't make it worse or better. My skin was still pink, still a little oily, still had the clogged pores, and I was still getting those dang cystic pimples.

This is when the Dermatologist prescribed me Ziana........

On September 25, 2013 I started using Ziana, and also had a bad cystic pimple injected.

First week: (9/25)


Red face.

surface acne and scars start to go away.

No change to clogged pores.

Cystic on on left side of nose goes down but still under the surface.

Second week: (10/2)

less peeling.

Red face.

Scars fading very quickly.

No change to clogged pores.

Cystic on on left side of nose starts coming back... Two heads.

Cystic appears on right side of nose.

Third week: (10/9)

(Stopped spirolacton on 10/11)

New Small pimples show up but come to a head and go away quickly with in a couple days.

Oily skin.

Less peeling.

Red face.

Old scars almost gone.

New scars fade quick.

Both cystic pimples still present but no pain.

One deep clogged pore is gone after popping it, but 8 remain.

Forth week: (10/16)

Tiny amount of peeling.

Red face.

Oily skin.

Old scars almost gone.

New scars still fade quick.

Both cystic pimples still present, the one on right is forming a white head.

Deep clogged pores still there.

I'm getting the two cystics injected tomorrow and I will be back to update how this week goes.

I have my fingers crossed.

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