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Salicylic Acid Peel

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I have ton of scaring on my cheeks left from a horrible brake out. I don't know what type of scars they are but they're pretty shallow and my derm told me they might just fade on their own with time. I'm just really sick of them. My skin texture is really harsh and uneven. I hate going out and to me the scars are a really big deal so I'm tired of waiting.

I'd like to know your experiences with chemical peels especially salicylic acid. My skin is super sensitive so I'm scared that I would just make things worse.. What are the risks with this peel? Can I do some permanent damage? How much down time would I need ? Does it help with hyper pigmentation too?

My skin tone is normally pretty fair but I do get tanned really easy. I was also on accutane about 9 months ago but my derm told me that this peel would be safe 6 months after finishing the course. I still break out and i'd love it if this peel would help with my acne too..

I'm currently using skinoren to help fade my scars but haven't noticed much difference.

Any advice would be appreciated!!

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