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Folliculitis Will Not Heal

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Hi Guys

Can someone please please please help!!!!!!

Last Christmas I started to develop red marks on my face which I originally thought was Acne. The marks were originally extremely red and crossed half one check and covered a large section of my other cheek. The marks really effected my self esteem and destroyed my confidence. I went to the Dr's and he told me what I had was a shaving infection and gave me some topical steroid and moisturiser and said it should be healed in a couple of weeks, after a couple of months however the infection was still there all though it healed a small bit.

I then chose to change my razor and brought some antibacterial shaving gel, once again it healed a little but never healed completely. Along the way I tried a few other treatments including Tumeric face mask and various creams. These all helped a little but still didn't get rid of it. At the beginning of September I went back to the Dr and he gave me some more cream and antibiotics which he said he would cure it in a week however this did not work although once again cured a little.

A month after the last visit I went back to the Dr he suggested not shaving and gave me back the original cream although once again this has helped a little but not completely. It was on this visit I was told it was folliculitis.

Can anyone please please help and tell me how to get rid of this, I have been on a few web sites but don't know what would be best treatment. I currently trying probiotic drinks and garlic and vitamins which has helped a little but not completely. Anyone Help!!!!!!!!


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