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Benzaclin Long Term Use?

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I have been pretty much dependent on BenzaClin since high school (I just turned 30, so its been almost 15 years). It's really the only thing that ever worked for me. It worked great right away, and then it seems like my body started to become somewhat resistant to the antibiotics. I've only had fairly mild acne while on it, which is why I have put up with it for so long. But still, my skin is never completely clear.

Since I started taking it, I have tried to wean myself off of it three or four times, every time resulting in terrible breakouts that only get worse as time goes on. So, inevitably I cave and start using it again. I'm sure the lack of benzoyl peroxide is also causing my skin to react, but I don't want to be dependent on such harsh chemicals anymore. I know it's a weird thought, but I keep imagining myself at 70 years old still using BenzaClin to avoid the inevitable massive breakout that comes after I quit using it.

But this time, I'm done for good. Whatever happens happens. I just hope that my skin will adjust over time.

Has anyone else successfully weaned themselves off something like this? I quit using it again about two months ago, and it just sucks.

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