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Subcision At Home On Nose Scar

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Hello All,

First time poster. I am battling an atrophic scar from a bozo dr who did a laser treatment on my nose for capilarries. Anyways, its been 14 weeks now and I definitely have a depressed (atrophic) scar on my right nostril. Looks sorta like a cigarette burn scar or something.


My questions are:

How long should I wait to treat this scar aggressively?

If I should wait one year before aggressive treatment, what can I do in the meantime?

I am thinking of doing this subcision on my own. Sounds crazy I know. But it is just one scar that I can see plainly in a mirror.

Can I subcize this scar from underneath? Come from inside my nostril with the needle? This scar sites on my nostril in a way that it is over one of my 2 blowholes so to speak. This would prevent any further damage to the nose ie entry point of needle.

I attached a pic. notice it is above my nosehole. I'm thinking needle from up and under.

I appreciate all feedback.

-Thanks for helping

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