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Crazy Earlobe Zit/cyst - Ocd Sos

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Hey everyone, so as you can see, I have found myself in a bit of a pickle.

I have a mild bit ot OCD, and zits have always bugged me in general. So I'm now at the point where i pick and squeeze every time I am in the bathroom at anything that MIGHT be acne.

Any way, here is the issue,. I have been having an issue with this for years now and I'm bit fed up with it now. What it is, is a giant cyst looking thing that grows NE my earlobe, makes my full ear look noticeable different in size, never comes to a head, and when i go to feel for the area it's contained in, I feel like I can feel it inside my neck as well.

So after a long day today I had decided to try and bleed it out. So I grabbed a needle and a lighter and tweezer and went at it.

I poked into it and pulled out, nothing. I then stabbed my lobe on one side to the other side and all it did was sorta kinda not bleed for a small second. Later on i finally got it threw and then pulled it out, ripping the skin lose. After I had it opened there was this small sack like thing that wants to come out of the rip, but didn't. It opted open but never really pulled out of my ear (when it popped it did look as if it was acne). It then presumed to drain, but it was only a small bit in comparison.

So now I have the hole all bandaged up and what not but I can still feel the cyst deep into my ear/neck.

So my question to all of you is.... I what in Sams hell is happy to me!? > <

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