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Men And Hormonal Treatments

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Hello, I was thinking about ways to combat DHT induced skin issues in men, and something came to me courtesy of some of my hardcore lifting acquaintances.

The problem with men taking DHT inhibitors [something that either inhibits the alpha-5 reductase enzyme (Finasteride) or reduces uptake of DHT by cells (Saw Palmetto)] is that the lower DHT means that sometimes estrogen can become more dominant and cause feminizing problems like ED or gynocomastia. BUT, why can't we just take an aromatase inhibitor along with the reductase inhibitor? The aromatase inhibitor could blunt the rate of estrogen conversion just enough to allow the body to co-exist with both lower DHT AND lower estrogen.

This is what bodybuilders that use sterioids and pro-hormones do actually. I don't know the specifics of it, but something with the steroids causes a re-bound effect in terms of estrogen production after a cycle, and this is why many bodybuilders develop gyno. The solution many of them have adopted is to take a strong aromatase inhibitor with the goal of lowering their estrogen levels. This in my opinion is extremely dangerous and I don't recommend it at all, but many people do it so I have to wonder if we can scale something like this back for our purposes.

Zinc, most people don't actually realize, is a more potent aromatase inhibitor than a reductase inhibitor. This in theory could be used along with something like Saw Palmetto for a low cost, low risk, DHT reducing treatment plan.

What do you guys think? Anyone have any input on this, or see any holes in my logic? I'm just thinking out loud here.

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Possibly. You could also add DIM. I know some athletes use that because it converts bad estrogens to good estrogens. DIM also paradoxically kicks testosterone off of binding proteins (bound testosterone) so that those testosterones are now circulating freely. Having a little bit more of free testosterone vs bound testosterone seems to clear skin for many people (men included) with acne.

(It makes sense considering the only thing that spironolactone blocks is some testosterone from binding to receptors, it doesn't change the free testosterone, yet it still reduces / clears acne. I would say most of spironolactone's feminizing effect has more to do with its estrogenic activity. It was originally used for males, and at low doses its estrogenic effect is so weak that males used it without feminizing effects.)

DIM does cause an initial breakout in many though as your body adjusts. I had an unpleasant IB from it.




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