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Go for it. Pls tell us how it went and update us on your results. Thank you!

I will be taking pictures just like I did with the first set of 6.

I ordered $200 worth of concealers online today (dermaflage, the men pen, etc) and am going to drug and makeup stores on Friday to buy several others. After I heal from the fraxel treatment (microswelling gone), I will see which one of these works. At this point I don't care if people look down on me for wearing makeup, but my goal is to have it as unnoticable as possible. I have no friends so there's no reputation for me to lose really. If I can look my best with a good concealer I will do it. I have been in this "journey" of scars for about 2 years now (and 7 if you count starting from the first pimple). Although fraxel restore last year did make an improvement, I was deluded into thinking that 1 modality would be enough to maximize my results. I am going to try everything I can so I can officially put an end to this bullshit and "move on" forever.

I also purchased vitamin c supplements and am seeing a cosmetic dermatologist soon, where I will discuss and possibly get: tca cross, dermarolling/needling, subcision. I am also purchasing bio oil to start using at the end of all these treatments. Do you think it is a safe idea to get tca cross + dermarolling directly after fraxel restore? or should I be waiting?

I think you should wait after you laser treatment beofre doing TCA cross and Dermaneedling. Cause you're skin is still in the recovery phase from the laser and is starting to create collagen. I don't know how long you should wait but i know that collagen takes months to build.

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@ Home Derma Rolling '' or fraxel repair/totalfx?

Keep in mind that your skin will never be perfect. Lasers will help more, but it's never going to look flawless. I would try Tazorac, retin-a, or some other retinoid. It will plump up the skin, it's much cheaper, and you may see improvement spaced out over a year or more.

I agree that your scarring does not look bad at all.

If you have pitted scarring look into Subcision-Suction as well as microneeding. Check out my success

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I have a much smaller scar on my chin I havent ever had laser though its something I have though about. I do however use concealer on a regaular basis. I get mine from a site called I'm not sure what brands you've used but I use the Recipe for Men Concealer ... I had tried the Menaji Camo Concealer too but felt it wasnt as good of quality as the the Recipe for Men version - felt a little cheapy.. But I feel it covers it up well if you apply it carefully but depends on the size of the scare I guess. Maybe try using a mens foundation first over your whole face then apply the concealer above that? Have you tried that?

What I've done in the past for my daily routine is:

1. Moisturiser my face with Bulldog Original Moisturiser (prefer the fact it has no Parabens!!)

2. Some mens foundation. I dont use foundation any more but I used to use Myego Matifiant which i felt was better then some other brands but I havent tried many.

3. Then to finish up I use the Recipe for Men Concealer over my scar. Theres other ones I've seens too from a brand called Myego but I havent tried that one. I'm sure theres loads of sites out there but concealer for men on the site I use seems decent.

Again I have heard of the laser treatment but I dont think my scar warrants it that much...

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