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Bp And Jojoba Dilution

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Hey guys,

First time post here!

So quick histroy to make it easier for the experts to provide me with an answer.

Basically I had really bad acne when I was a kid/teen. It persisted through until I was about 21/22. I tried all the usual treatments and eventually it calmed down. It never totally went away but the odd pimple or white head didnt bother me too much.

Now I am 30, and I alternate between vlear skin and random breakouts. I always have the odd spot here or there so I decided to finally do something about it. I live in the UK so won't be able to order the products so I instead got a close BP 2.5% Gel from Amazon UK. Along with some Jojoba Oil and a new Simple Moisturizer.

Now my acne is very mild, so I was wondering, instead of just using the BP Gel as is, if I mixed it with some Jojoba Oil would that bring down the dilution?

I have fair and sensitive skin, many thanks to anyone who provides some insight into this matter for me.

PS - Due to my years of bad acne as a kid I have some scarring and generally not great skin texture wise. Would the AHA help in that regard, or is it too strong for a fair skinned person?

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