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Does Accutane Work Faster Each Time?

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Hi everyone,

I was just wondering if anyone who has been on multiple courses of Accutane would have any input for my question.

Does anyone know if Accutane tends to work faster for each subsequent course? I know that I didn't start seeing improvement until my dose was upped in month 4 on my first course, and on my second course I was cleared and done-with in three months. I am now on my third course, and am definitely breaking out a tonne, but wondering if this is all just happening faster, and will go on to clear up quickly? I have been on this course for three weeks now. I don't exactly remember all my IBs and how long they lasted for my other two courses.

My doctor says you tend to respond quicker the second/third time since your body is 'primed', and has been exposed to the drug before.

Any ideas or positive encouragement that this will all work again? :) I don't know why, but I just have this irrational fear that Accutane just suddenly won't work anymore on this third course, I will just stop responding to it, and I'll be stuck with acne forever....! I responded so extremely well each time before, and was clear longer in between each course. I am also remembering this time to take it with food. I wasn't as great with that each of my other courses, but it still worked fine.


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