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Coconut Oil & Exercise Uugh

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Hi everyone , I just joined this website and am finding it very helpful so far. :)

I am 25 now and suffering from acne,skin coloured & red coloured bumps that kind of look like a reaction,large pores & black heads

As a teenager I used proactiv and it worked realy well for me but, I stopped using it and my skin was never as good as it was on it again really ..but not as bad as it is now

Over the past year or so I have tried "The Oil Cleansing Method" broke me out , then I stopped and tried just using a sugar scrub & coconut oil on my face also I started working out 5 days a week doing cardio & cardio with light weights (showering right after of course not want to stop exercising) I guess I should mention I eat a very healthy diet & drink 2 leters of water a day..also take 2 apple cider vinegar tablets a day

I break out on my cheeks now and that is somewhere I never broke out in as a teenager ...I feel like it must be the use of oils that caused this??I still break out on my chin like usual but breaking out on the cheeks was never something that happend previously

My acne looks weird..most of it looks all red & big but when you touch it its flat??? I have those mixed in with some regular type inflamed looking bumps ..

I stopped using Coconut oil two days ago and all I am using now is ground oats with water to wash my face, some witch hazel, a basic facial lotion with spf ....I also have a night cream that has vitamin a ,e & retinol in it but not sure if I should try that? maybe patch test it on my cheeks?

/sigh this is so frustrating....ugh not sure if I should try a benzoyl cream or just let my skin sit for a couple weeks

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