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Differin Enlarged My Pores?

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Hi guys!! I need help here.

So I have a lot of mini under the skin bumps which my doc says are clogged pores. So she prescribed me 0.1% differin gel for use at night and clindagel for use in the mornings. She also gave me a moisturizer to put on before both products.

So here's my routine:


Differin (15 mins after moisturizer)

-Can be alternate nights or consecutive depending on if my skin was red

So I Actually reacted pretty well to differin initially, other than some purges initially my skin seemed clearer BUT for the past few days my skin was really flaky and dry. So I Did not use differin today Since I used it last night and I figured I should stop for a while.

But horror of all horrors, my existing enlarged pores looked even bigger and more pores have become enlarged! It's almost the whole half side of my face. HELP. WHAT CAN/SHOULD I DO?

The last time something like this happened was when I stupidly put glycolic acid in the day when I would be exposed to sunlight. Needless to say, I had a lot of enlarged pores from that and have sensitive skin ever Since. Now I can't tolerate any acid or benzoyl peroxide. Seems like differin isn't for me too.

Sorry for the wot! Will appreciate any advice!

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Hi There,

I have been using Differin for about 6 weeks and I haven't noticed any change in my pores. Maybe they are just more noticable now that you are focusing on them rather than your other skin imperfections? I find now that my cystic acne is looking so much better I am far more focused on the hyperpigmentation and sun spots that I have. I know these have been there a long while, but I am just focusing on them more now! I think there are a lot of products that can help minimize the appearance of pores so maybe try that in combination with the differin?

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