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Accutane Faqs Document

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Hi everyone

This thread is mainly for people already taking Accutane but also for people considering taking it.

The attached PDF document contains a compilation of answers to Accutane-related FAQs.

!Accutane FAQs.pdf

The following common Accutane questions are answered, with relevant figures/tables from scientific journals included:

  • What are the indications for Accutane? (Page 4)
  • How effective is Accutane? (Page 5)
  • Why is Accutane so effective? (Page 6)
  • How long does Accutane take to work? (Page 8)
  • Will I get an initial breakout from Accutane? (Page 9)
  • Should Accutane be taken with food? (Page 10)
  • Is my dose correct? (Page 11)
  • What are the common side effects of Accutane? (Page 12)
  • Will my oil return after Accutane? (Page 14)
  • Should I drink alcohol while on Accutane? (Page 15)
  • Can supplements help reduce the side effects of Accutane? (Page 16)
  • How do I pass my Accutane tests? (Page 17)
  • What drugs does Accutane interact with? (Page 18)
  • How long until Accutane is out of my system? (Page 19)
  • What is the chance of my acne returning after Accutane? (Page 20)
  • How many courses of Accutane do people normally take? (Page 21)
  • Should I use a maintenance therapy after Accutane? (Page 22)

Hope this helps!


!Accutane FAQs.pdf

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