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My Parents Didn't Have Acne?

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I read somewhere that if you usually get acne mainly on your forehead it's possibly related to your diet, so is it possible that I don't need the regimen and just need to watch what I eat? especially since my parents both didn't have acne at my age?

I'm starting to rethink the regimen. I have been using it for a month now and though I've noticed that I don't get as many pimples the texture of my skin and the way it looks isn't very nice and I'm still not confident at all with the way my skin looks.

I have been clear for short periods of time before I started the regimen and when it rarely did happen my skin looked much much better than it does now.

Maybe some thoughts? I'm scared to stop the regimen now but I'm starting to wonder if I'm just replacing acne with dry, uneven, unhealthy looking skin?

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If you can, keep sticking with it. Although I am a big proponent of the natural, holistic route, I think it would not hurt to continue the regimen while incorporating healthy eating habits, etc. Neither one of my parents had acne as adults and only one as a child- I try to eat well (farmers market, organic, low dairy/sugar/wheat) and I still have acne as an adult.

The treatment does make my skin a bit dull, however, I have used AHA in the past (during my acne-less past) and it brightened my skin tone and smoothed my skin texture. Since you are also only about a month in, you probably have not incorporated the AHA into your routine yet. As a reformed skin care product hopper, I try to stick with every product/routine for about 3 months (except it in extreme situations) so I would wait until you start the AHA and try it for 3 months and see if it helps with the dullness.

My skin is still a bit wacky right now in the first month so I just want to encourage you to stick it out even though it is tough right now. This is the adjustment period which sucks but it is about getting to the point of not having the acne as often and products take time.

Good luck and don't give up yet!

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