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Done With Accutane Now What?

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So I just finished a 5 month course of Accutane. I was on 60mg for 2 months, and the last 3 were 80 mg. I have to say it was horrible at first, i had huge disgusting breakouts that were so embarrassing. It was hell for about 3 months. My face slowly started to clear but throughout my treatment it has never been completely clear which has been disappointing. Now I am done and have just 2 large pimples on my face. otherwise I am completely clear and I love it.

I just have a couple of questions now that i'm done:

1) How long will it stay in my system?

2) When can I start eating foods with vitamin A, such as protein shakes with vitamin A?

3) Do i still need to use sunscreen everyday?

4) Will I continue to clear even without taking accutane?

Thanks! Accutane was totally worth it!

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During my first course, I wasn't completely clear (but pretty good) at the end of my treatment. About 1-2 months later though my skin looked then it ever had.

I was told I could eat foods with Vitamin A, but to avoid Vitamin A supplements. I would guess you could resume doing so anytime.

I would wear sunscreen for at least 6 months. Longer than that may be more appropriate, however.

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