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Clean & Clear Ruined My Skin!

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In the month of about June-July I purchased the Clean & Clear pimple advantage kit. This included toner, moisturiser, face wash and a fast spot clearing gel. My skin was pretty good before the use of this kit; considering my age of 14. I had blackheads(that were only visible if you looked really close) and a little pimple here and there but hardly visible. I think that my skin was recovering from the severe scene I had in my earlier years of puberty and my skin was finally going to go back to normal. As I saw the kit in the supermarket I thought that it wouldn't hurt to try and get rid of all the little pimples that were "here and there." I was wrong. *dramatic pause*.

I begun using it and noticed that my pimples had gone but other pimples had appeared in the process but were not as bad. I thought that maybe it was just a slight reaction and a small price to pay for getting rid of the other pimples. So I continued to use the product to get rid of the developed pimples. So then I think I was a little stupid and didn't think of the consequences and continued using the product even though it dried out my skin. I think I began to rip or flake of my skin by using this product but it was not visible to my eyes. Then finally after about 1 months I had noticed something was wrong. Ugly as pimples and scars had developed on both cheeks. Considering that I have combination skin my cheeks are the dry part so the cheeks were the most likely for the break out.

So it was part of my own ignorance that caused this problem, but the product should have warned me that it causes severe dryness and flaky skin. My skin has turned from almost perfect skin to a mushroom forest of acne on the sides of my cheeks. As I am a self conscious teenager I am afraid to go out as much as I used to. I returned to my old products namely. Simple Moisturser. Young Natio Toner and Simple Face wash. I used these products when I had my 'ok' skin and they tamed it pretty well but considering the ever changing condition of my skin they do not work on erasing my acne.

So I seek working products, a solution and tips on how to return to my normal face. Please c: . I'll upload photos of my skin before and after once I get on a computer. Thank you.

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1. I would suggest using oatmeal as a cleanser. You can look up a how-to video on YouTube, the one I saw was Bubzbeauty & she rocks when it comes to skincare :) I'm 14 myself & I, as you can imagine, have very picky skin, so it takes forever to find something that'll agree with it. I tried it a while back and it worked just fine, and in fact since I've been having a breakout party on my face lately, I'm going to start using oatmeal again. Sounds messy, but just watch the how-to & see if you'd like to try it.

Oatmeal is great for dried or irritated skin, and it removes dirt and leaves your skin soft. Plus it's natural :)

I'm really more of a go-natural kind of girl when it comes to my face, because a lot of face products are packed full of chemicals and drying ingredients, so I can personalize it to fit my needs.

2. Is aloe vera. You can get it for a few dollars at a store near the sunscreen or medicine, and it should be clear( not green or anything!) If you can find aloe vera water, then get some glycerine( also by the medicine section) and mix the two of the them( I'd say about a half teaspoon or so of glycerine & a tablespoon of aloe Vera) and put it in a spray bottle & fill the rest up with witch hazel( medicine section) and spray it on your face as a calming toner. If you have lavender essential oil( health food store or online), then ad a drop and shake it to use it.

3. Witch hazel is a natural toner, so you can use just that.

4. Scrubbing your skin with a facial scrub such as the st. Ives green tea scrub( only once a week!) , 2 table spoons of sugar mixed with 1/2 teaspoon of olive oil and use that, or a green tea scrub made with 1 steeped bag of green tea, about 1 spoonful of honey and use that. You can also use the st. Ives apricot scrub, but I prefer the green tea myself. Only use a scrub 1 or 2 times per week. This'll definitley help, but be gentle!

5. Facial mask r awesome! Buy one like the mint mask by queen helene( my personal fav & only about 2- 3 dollars)

I also love mudpacks, which are usually about 1-2 dollars each. Take your pick for them, but I suggest the mud ones. The instructions are on the back.

And finally 6. I ALWAYS suggest removing any makeup thoroughly, get a makeup remover or use a tiny bit of olive oil on a cotton ball and get it all off! :)

Also, make sure you let your skin BREATH, don't overdo it with anything, just gently care for it and always be careful not to scrub too hard. Hope I helped! :)

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