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So hello!

I'm actually pretty old school to this site. I was around when it was first created 10 years ago!

I happened to be around 16/17 at the time and developed cycstic acne on my cheeks.

It actually started with mild acne, but I tried so many different things at that age I royally messed my skin up and then the cysts came.

After being really depressed and down I decided to go on ro-accutane. Best decision of my life as it completely cleared my skin up.

Main problem since is that (even now) red marks take a long time to heal. I also have the odd outbreaks of spots on my jawline occasionally, which despite being very far and inbetween, have left the lovely red marks behind. The good news is (which also played a big part in my skin success) is that I no longer obcess over my skin like the 17yrold version of myself. I never pick it and barely even touch it unless I'm doing my morning regemin!

Anyway, I'm back because I want to get rid of these red marks once and for all, and finally (9 years on) give my skin a completely new lift with a TCA peel. So I will be posting progress pics in the coming days....

On a side note, if anybody needs any advice/ reccomendations with ro-accutane, the regemin - anything, drop me a mail. I've been through it all and done it all and i'm here to help :)


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