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Greasy And Itchy

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Hi, I am brand new to the regime, found it poking about the internet on the weekend. By the rave reviews I thought I would give it a try. I purchased the following "oil of olay sensitive foaming wash" "bp gel" and "cetaphil moisturizer", I should preface this by saying that I have used MANY different acne treatments before, some much harsher (in my opinion) than BP. I have also never really used a moisturizer before as my skin is usually quite oily, so I thought it was not necessary.

This is like I said my first day (applied last night and this morning) following the directions listed by Dan. However I am having two oxymoronic problems, my face is itchy/burning/red like no other but is EXTREMELY oily, as if the cetaphil did not get absorbed.

From what I understand the burning/itchy/redness is normal and part to be expected for the first couple weeks, however I do not understand the oily part. I usually wear full foundation (MAC matchmaster liquid) applied with a brush, but I am now worried about applying it on top of my irritated skin, but I am also really self-conscious of looking like a tomato.

Any advice/help/stories are greatly appreciated!


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