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I wanted to start sharing my journey with accutane so far after reading so many posts. They have really helped.

After years of having moderate to severe acne and trying everything in the books other than accutane I decided to finally go for it. I had heard so many negative side effects and the risks involved that I had always avoided it. But after hitting a brick wall with treatments that werent going anywhere I had enough. So I set up an appointment with my Derm. August 1st 2013 is a day that changed my life. I finally had the answer to my problem.

So the first month I was put on 40mg a day. The first week went by without a hitch. Nothing new with my face really started happening. Week two different story. Oils started pouring out of my face. To be honest it was kinda gross, but I knew the drug was doing it's work. By the end of month one my face had finally dried out completely. Skin started to fall away and the red color started to fade.

At the beginning of month two I was bumped up to 80mg a day. This is when the real fun began. The dryness was and still is unreal. Moisturizing is a must. Chapped lips became a big issue. Shaving drew a lot of blood. But I continued with the dosage. Week two-week four of month two were the worst for me. I broke out really bad. And large patches of skin started to dry up and flake off. This was a low point for me honestly. Brought me back to those hopeless days where I never thought I would get better. Yet I continued with the dosage once again. Waking up with bloody lips became a regular occurance. Nosebleeds occured once in a while. All of this really got to me.

But just this week all that hardship paid off. My face is looking the best it has in the last 5 years. Sure there is redness and a few small pimples. But my skin is smooth. No more of the large skin flakes are forming. For now at least. Looking in the mirror these last few days has given me the motivation to press on and beat this thing. Day 61, halfway there, I can do this.

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