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Spiro And Sweating

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So I am more than months on spiro and I really like it. My skin is much drier and I am expecting my period in 3 days and have no cysts so far *yay*. I did get a LOT of whiteheads and closed comedones on places I never had before, I treated those with Paulas Choice BHA 2% and it worked like a charm.

So far one little zit on my chin and a lot of red marks to heal, but easy to cover with make up. My skin loves to be BP free. And my clothes and pillow cases as well ;)

I am one of those persons that lost weight with spiro and this concerned me a bit, but this stopped fortunately ( I am already slim and did not want to go to extremely skinny).

Positive effects on my hair: I always used to have very few and thin hair. With spiro, this seems to be cemented onto my head. While others complain about shedding, my personal hairlos has decreased to maybe 20 a day, even after washing and combing it. And h the hair on my head seems to like spiro a lot, those few unwanted in my face seem to hate it and just decided to stop re-growing after plucking.

Another thing I noticed and never saw it mentioned somewhere...I do not need to use deodorant any more. I can run 5k and of course I sweat, but it does not even smell a slightest bit. Something seems to have changed in my body that does not allow sweat to be transformed into smell. That is a nice side effect and saves me money and chemistry on my body. Did anyone else notice this?

Successfully on "the regimen" from age 12 to 33 for cystic acne


100mg spironolactone since 08/13

Paula's Choice BHA 2%,

Green Cream 6 Retinol

Acne free and already almost free of hyperpigmentation, discolorations and wrinkles

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