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Epiduo And Dorxy

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Hello everyone, I am 27 years old. I have suffered with acne since I was 11! It started more on my back and inside my ears. (Gross) it is now on my cheeks and jaw line (hormonal acne from PCOS) as well as my back still. It has always been cystic acne, very painful and sometimes itchy. I was told I would grow out of it. In college it got way worse. I have tried everything! This acne even caused me to drop out of college. I was so embarrassed to have this terrible huge acne, when everyone else had this perfect skin. After trying so many things from over the counter to prescribed meds, I think I finally have an answer! I pray and pray! My dermatologist put me on Dorxy (antibiotic pill) and Epiduo (cream for the face). I can honestly say after one week I see results! Minor results of course but enough to hope maybe this is it! My redness and size of the bumps have decreased quite a bit. Let's hope this continues! I hope this helps someone out there. Acne seems so minor to most people, but to true sufferers it's debilitating. I hope I can help someone and I hope it continues to work for me. Xxx

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