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Help With These Scars? How Can I Treat Them?

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Hey im 21 and i have suffered with acne since i was 13. I didnt treat it back then because i didnt have money and parents have always hated me, so im left with a bunch of ugly scars. I have improved a lot over the years with my acne, though it still there and i want to go on accutane. I also improved my scars. I have used dermarollers for a couple of years now, size 1.0 trough the current 3.0. I used all gels and creams, kitoscell, mederma, retin-a 0.1%, tca peels, Glycol peels, microdermabrassion, etc.. Its all help improve somewhat but not what i want. The worst areas are my sideburn areas. those are the ones i really want to treat. They seem like a mixture of boxcar and rolling scars. I was looking into either subcision, or punch grafting. When i stretch them, they dont pull up, they stay shallow. This is killing my confidence and my social life. Please help me?! here are some pics,

Note* i dermarolled last night so my skin is a bit red and bruised up when i took these pics, my skin is not red normally.






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Hiya Johnd4!

Your scarring appears to be moderately deep rolling scars. Because they're on the bonier parts of your face (near your eyes/temples) they should respond pretty well to treatment. The catch though is that for your scarring you have to go hard or go home. Your home Dermaroller treatments aren't going to cut it, sorry to be the bearer of bad news. :( Don't waste any more money on microdermabrasion treatments. They do nothing for scarring, not even superficial scarring. The retin-a though is something that I would definitely continue to use. Retin-a is the bees knees for cell regeneration. Keep using it!

If I were you, I would look into professional eDermastamp treatments! ;) Still skin needling but on a different level. The eDermastamp (the German made one) is amazing (I've had one treatment and am going in for another in a few weeks time). The needles can be adjusted mid-treatment so that the length varies between 0.5mm to 2.00mm. The physician will know how deep to go to get to the root of your scarring. There's no pain (really, I'm not lying!) and the downtime is significantly less than that of the Dermaroller.

Then, once you've improved your skin as much as you can with skin needling I would look into two more options: subscision and fillers.

If you have any lingering deeper scars that didn't respond as well as you'd liked from the skin needling (I have two small rolling scars in this boat) then I'd look into subscision for these. You could even combine that with a filler and/or the subscision-suck method which has proven to yield excellent results.

I would look at fillers as being your last step. Leave fillers for when all other modalities have given you their best possible result. Fillers are temporary (unless you go with silicone which I highly recommend you avoid like the plague) so in my opinion they should be used after you've gotten your permanent results from other treatments.

The most important thing though is patience. :) This isn't an overnight cure but with a little persistence you'll get what you want!

Also, remember this: your scars do not define who you are. They should not control you. You have one life, one body, one chance at living how you want to live. Think about how big the universe is and how much time you have to explore it. Don't let your scars hold you back. The world can be a cruel place and sometimes we're going to feel like we don't fit in but don't ever let yourself believe that you're sub-par, because you're not. :) x

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