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Do I Have Seb Derm Or Just Overactive Sebaceous Glands?

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I've always had oily skin, when I was younger I started breaking out badly cause of my oil problems so then I used a bunch of harsh creams on my face which really dried out and inflamed my skin, giving me rosacea-like symptoms. My face has recovered a lot but my cheeks are still super sensitive and I believe my sebaceous glands are inflamed, because I get this awful oil/dead skin buildup on my face when I don't wash it.

Basically if I go a week or two without cleaning my face, my pores get really plugged up with this yellowish build up and if I leave it long enough it actually creates a thick mask on my face. Then when I remove it my face gets really irritated.

This is driving me nuts cause when I leave my skin alone it looks perfect. No redness at all. This morning my skin looked awesome when I woke up but after spending 30 minutes scrubbing the build up off my face my cheeks are super red and messy looking.

Does this sound like seb derm? I'm not sure that it is because I don't have any itchiness or stinging which are two of the symptoms I always see with seb derm. Also this occurs mainly on my cheeks and jawline, whereas seb derm seems to be mostly a T-zone issue. And there's no flaking, this stuff sticks to my skin

What should I do? I'm thinking of taking some supplements to try and stop my oil from building, maybe mega-dosing on Vitamin A

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