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Murad Pure Skin Vitamins

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I'm considering buying Murad's "pure skin" vitamins...for my recent increased oiliness and clogged pores...According to the claims, people who tried it got a 52% improvement in their skin within a month, I think...

The ingrediants have the usual suspects, vit. A, 5000 IU, B-vitamins, zinc, coenzyme Q10...a couple herbs (burdock for example). The bottle costs $35.00 which doesn't seem too high considering you'd spend similar getting all the vitamins separately. It seems this would help skin and probably general health since it's got vit. e and clacium as well.

Has any one tried this product? Or had any good results from it..I may buy it anyway because I don't take a multi and this may have the added boost of improving my skin neutral.gif

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