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Perioral Dermatitis Free 1 Year

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Hi all..

I haven't been on here in ages, but its been 1 year since my dermatitis left and I thought I would share what worked for me and kept it away. For those of you who don't know, perioral dermatitis is said to be something youll be dealing with for the rest of your life. True. but I found products and minimal life style adjustments that work.

Firstly never use steroid creams on your face! As well as steroid nose sprays. Horrible, these things cause this rash. If you have a tiny rash and your doctor prescribes something like this, don't use it. It happened to me and a month later my ENTIRE face was broken out in hundreds of tiny papules.

What I used:

Metro gel (prescription)

Braggs organic apple cidar vinegar (50% diluted for your face) and 1 shot of this a day.

Antibiotics (prescription) of Minocycline.

After 3 weeks my rash was almost gone but I still had issues for a few more months.

I learnt that things that trigger this are floride and SLS (Sodium Lauyrl Sulfate)

The products I use that have worked amazingly are

Aveeno Foaming cleanser

Aveeno Daily moisterizer with spf 15

Tea tree toothpaste from the health food store

Bare Minerals Makeup

Macadamia hair line

I also take one spoon of apple cidar a day as a precaution.

just thought id share what I know since when this happened to me, I couldn't find any blogs on it!

I'll be adding pics tomorrow to show you the difference.

Long story short, you would never know I had it so don't give up there is hope

:-) feel free to message me if you have any questions!:)

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