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Spirolactone, Yogurt Masks, And Skin Labs Chemical Peels

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Just wanted to put this treatment regimen that I started on two weeks ago and is REALLY working. Let me give you some background first. I have never had rosacea or full-blown face acne but I have had times where one pimple goes away and another comes and no matter how clean my face is and careful I am... The acne persisted. Especially on my chin.

I got a copper IUD in April and things have been steadily getting worse since then. More oil production and flare ups. I even did 6 series of isolaz, a laser treatment for $150 a session to try and combat things. Nothing was working.

I then began reading on how copper IUDs can make hormonal acne (although its ALL hormonal in some way) worse. So I went nuclear on it... Made A LOT of changes at once but it worked. My skin is less oily and clear right now. No signs of inflammation or even potential break-outs.

- DHT Deep cleansing oil cleanser. Its a oil based but when massaged into pores it binds with the oil and pulls it out once rinsed. Amazing stuff

- Spironolactone prescription - 100mg This may be the biggest help since I believe my oil production was from overactive sebaceous glands. This is what spironolactone is supposed to do, combat the conversion or hormonal precursors to becoming androgens (testosterone) which lead to increased oil secretion.

- Daily supplementation of Zinc 50mg x 2. It makes me nauseous for about 30 minutes every time, even with food but so did my acne so.... trade-off

- Daily supplementation of pro-biotics - not to be taken with food. This is important for those who may have increased yeast in their GI system and yeast can lead to all sorts of issues including acne. Make sure you get a HIGH quality pro-biotic.

- Daily supplementation of vitamin A 25,000 IU - DO NOT TAKE IF PREGNANT OR TRYING TO BECOME PREGNANT

- Daily supplementation of vitamin C, 1000mg

- Weekly chemical peel HQ+ from skin laboratories. I bought online from AMAZON and love it. If you're not used to peels, I recommend starting out with just a salicylic acid peel otherwise it could flare you up even worse. AND do not, I mean DO NOT EVER, use this on broken skin. It will only deepen the wound and cause more damage. Its best for closed comedomes and cysts.

- Plain, full fat yogurt/ oatmeal mask or just yogurt. Leave on til dry. 3-4x per week. Then rinse with cold water. Very hydrating.

- Lastly, I put proactive repairing cream on my chin almost every night still as a preventative. I don't have any breakouts but I'm scared to ease off of it just yet.

Its been 2+ weeks since my last breakout and I have to say, my skin looks better than it has in YEARS already. I've really noticed a decrease in the oil production. I assume this is due to spironolactone and the cleanser I'm using. I also have a facial spray (rose water) and moisturizer (clinique "moisture surge") that I use morning and night.

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Great it helps. i too still recover from a terrible breakout caused by a copper IUD. Tbat cupper IUD made my skin go crazy oily from ovulation to menstruation, I had never experienced this crazy amount of oil before.

Getting better with Spiro and BHA so far :) ( and had the IUD removed)

Successfully on "the regimen" from age 12 to 33 for cystic acne


100mg spironolactone since 08/13

Paula's Choice BHA 2%,

Green Cream 6 Retinol

Acne free and already almost free of hyperpigmentation, discolorations and wrinkles

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I have created my own yogurt mask that I am in the process of selling, it has worked wonders for my skin. Please anyone curious about this check out my FB page,

I have tried everything! <3

I am currently on Spiro as well, and should increase my mg soon, I am only on 25mg but seeing results with that, I am also taking Bactrim DS once a day at night. But I do want to to stop all antibiotics and go completely natrual, as my body is tried, and I want to rebuild my gut. Good luck you all :)

We need to feed our skin

as we'd feed our bodies

a delicate rhythmic dance

we all deserve to find.

Eminence Organics

-probiotic cleanser

-hungarian face mask

-citrus exfoliating wash

Acure Organics

-sensitive facial cleanser

(alternating face washes helps

so my skin does not become resistant)


Month 1 40mg

Month 2-6 80mg

Retin A Micro every other night

Clindamycin every other night

Clindamycin during day under light 100% Pure Mineral Powder on T zone


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