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Benzac Or Brevoxyl?

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I was using panoxyy forever and now I've read it's no more. Which of these is mist similar does anyone no?

living in uk

currently- olay senstive wipes

2.5% panoxyl gel

olay sp15 senstive

(mild persistant acne for last 12 Years

2014-currently doing not very much as no 2.5% bp!

regimnen-going well 1 yr on

duac 2nd time-skin must of got used too this due to antibiotic,as this stuff was great!


duac gel-clear for 6 months

1X roaccutane again

came of pill

food elimination-diet is not a factor in my acne

1x roaccutane again-doctor felt not a long enough dose before

2x retin a

1x roaccutane

1x DKR-gave up after a week-severe redness

chinese meds

regimen-stopped due to severe redness

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