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I Never Knew Whey Protein Powder Was Causing Hormonal Acne!

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I'm writing this on here in an effort to maybe help someone else going through a similar situation. I'm 31 years old and NEVER had problems with acne growing up. I started breaking out at 25 and my breakouts turned into an outright situation this past January and I tried EVERYTHING to fix it. Everyday a new pimple popped up on my jawline or neck, no matter what I did. The only breakthrough occurred when I decided to get back on the BP (I had gotten off for a few years just to see if I could avoid the chemicals) and STOPPED WHEY PROTEIN POWDER. I don't eat a ton of dairy (i drink almond milk instead of cows milk) but I still do organic yogurt, tons of eggs and occasional cheese. Since getting 100% off of the Whey Protein powder (and it was the higher quality, more expensive whey that was making me break out) and using the regimen again (2x/day at first, now only use BP under my makeup in the mornings) my face is TOTALLY CLEAR. No new pimples coming out, even right before my period. I'm SO relieved!!! It feels horrible that something I was putting in my body to "help" was actually doing alot of damage. It took me a very long time to make the connection between the Whey and the acne, that's why I'm posting in hopes of helping someone else make the connection sooner.

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